It's important to know who you are working with, what they stand for and why they stand for it. 


Knowing potential strengths and weaknesses allow for more open communication within organizations.


For example, I know I am outgoing, inquisitive, creative and enjoy working with others. This basic understaning of myself can ensure that I end up in a role where I will succeed and save your company time and money!


I'm an ENTP personality type, which makes up just 3% of the population.  ENTPs are on a constant quest for knowledge and thrive on collecting new information, creativity and thinking outside the box. 


ENTP’s are generally respected for their wisdom, knowledge, keen sense of humor and ability to think and act quickly.


A true visionary, the ENTP is charismatic, energetic, and able to find creative solutions to the problems at hand.


Weak points for the ENTP include follow-through, as mundane tasks drive the ENTP crazy. Additionally, their love of knowledge and debate can be off-putting if these skills have not been honed in  to respect those who are more sensitive in nature.


Learn more about personality types here: http://www.16personalities.com/entp-personality

Another famous personality test is Clifton's StrengthFinder. By Focusing on things you're naturally good at doing, you're able to bring more value to an organization. 


My StrenghtFinder's Top 5


1. Woo

2. Command

3. Self- Assurance

4. Includer

5. Ideation


"Woo" is short for "Winning Others Over" and is a valuable persuasion and relationship building tool.  I use this to build trust and lasting connections with clients, stakeholders and co-workers.


To learn more about your Top 5, take the test here:  http://www.strengthsfinder.com/home.aspx